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Nutrient Dense Regenerative Foods

For your Health Journey

Featuring: Forage Finished Piedmontese Beef

Are you passionate about your health but…

•  Your regular food suppliers don’t seem to care about your health as much as you do…

•  It’s overwhelming trying to sort out food labels, branding and vague health claims…

•  You’ve heard that nutrient dense food products can help you feel better but you don’t know where to find them

We’ve been there too.

Craig’s story:  I raise premium beef cattle for a living.  The beef that we produce has been enjoyed by our family and by people across Alberta for many years.

But, when my daughter’s health challenges required the highest quality food we could find, my wife bought beef from another rancher.  It was frustrating, but it drove me to make a change.

that make better beef for your health and wellbeing:


We do testing at 6 different point in our production process to ensure that we are improving the nutrient density of our products

Forage Finishing

Research and our own testing is showing that the beef we produce is healthier and more nutrient dense when we finish the animals on a diet of a variety of green plants (forages).  Its the best form of grass finished beef that you can get.


The Piedmontese breed has a unique natural tenderness gene that produces a great eating experience without excessive fat or the need to age the beef.  Since we don’t age our beef, it won’t have the buildup of histamines or breakdown of vitamins that occurs during the aging process.


Again research and our own testing are showing that improving the health of our soil, through the principles of regenerative agriculture, is improving the health of our plants, animals and final product as well.


a premium beef rich in essential proteins, iron, zinc, selenium, B12;
as well as higher omega 3 fatty acids, a healthier omega 3 to 6 ratio, increased micronutrients, increased phytonutrients and reduced histamines

Getting access to this nutrient dense beef is as simple as:

We’ll do the work to produce the most nutrient dense product

You decide what to purchase from our online store

We will contact you to arrange delivery right to your doorstep

You get to enjoy Nourishing your body with Regenerative Forage Finished beef

“The beef is delicious. All of our steaks have been amazing, flavourful. I am very confident in the way that this beef was raised, I love teaching my kids the bits I know about regenerative agriculture (and keep learning thanks to your newsletter!). We watched the ‘Ranching for nutrition’ video Regeneration Canada made… it feels good to say “that’s how our beef is raised!” 
~ Dieta


You can tell a lot about a product by what the values are of the producer.  Our #1 value is human health and wellbeing


Most products on the market today do not go through a rigorous testing process to ensure nutritional value.  We test our production and products to make sure you are consistently getting nutrient dense food


We want to talk with you about what is important to your health and wellness.  We will also share our knowledge and experiences about growing the food that you eat.