Nutrient Dense Regenerative Food Products

Featuring: Forage Finished Piedmontese Beef

Be Confident In Your Food Choices

It can be hard to be confident in today’s food system.

•  It’s difficult to know what food is good for you and good for the environment…

•  It’s frustrating trying to sort out food labels and branding…

•  Food choices are highly politicized and everyone seems to have a different opinion…

We’ve been there too.

We had the questions, the frustration, the confusion…

Craig's story:

I raise premium beef cattle for a living.  The beef that we produce has been enjoyed by our family and by people across Alberta for many years.

But, when my daughter’s health challenges required the highest quality food we could find, my wife bought beef from another rancher.  It was frustrating, but it drove me to make a change.

But then we found Regenerative Agriculture

Food production that is actually focused on the health of people and the planet

People Health

Research is showing measured improvements in the nutrient density of food produced through regenerative agriculture.  This is resulting in improved human health outcomes.

Planet Health

There are many benefits to Regenerative food production from improving the carbon cycle, the water cycle, reducing nutrient leaching and reducing chemical contamination

Now you can access the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture through our Forage Finished Piedmontese beef.

You can also learn more about what regenerative agriculture is and how we are using it to produce better food for you and for our planet.



You can tell a lot about a product by what the values are of the producer.  Our #1 value is human health and wellbeing



Most products on the market today do not go through a rigorous testing process to ensure nutritional value.  We test our production and products to make sure you are consistently getting nutrient dense food



We want to talk with you about what is important to your health and wellness.  We will also share our knowledge and experiences about growing the food that you eat.