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Do you think that products which are certified Organic are healthier for you?

Most people believe that Organic products are healthier for them.  But as I discuss with Sara Harper, in her podcast Tasting Terroir, there is much more to the healthy food conversation than simply being Organic or not.  We find certifications based on practices are actually limiting farmers’ ability to produce the best food for us.  More importantly than a certification is to know that the farmers where you are buying your food are testing all along their production chain to improve the health of the soil, the health of the plants, the health of the animals and the nutrient density of the final products that you eat.

Watch a clip of our interview below:

You’ve probably heard of organic certification which primarily prohibits synthetic chemicals from being used in the growing process and does not allow genetically-modified seeds to be used. Some argue that regenerative agriculture must also be organic — even though that brings with it many challenges around the amount of tillage allowed in the organic system that goes against a key regenerative principle. To help sort this out, it is helpful to hear the perspectives of farmers and ranchers who have actually worked within the conventional, organic, and now regenerative systems. In this clip from episode 18 of our podcast, Tasting Terroir, Canadian rancher, Craig Cameron shares why he believes that the regenerative path is neither confined to organic nor conventional — and why it offers a better way to achieve the outcomes that consumers actually want. Here’s a link to the full episode of the podcast: https://tastingterroir.buzzsprout.com…