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Your order will be ready in 1-4 weeks for smaller orders and 2-8 weeks for bigger bulk orders. After you place your order we will contact you will a more exact timeline based on your specific order.
Once your order is finished at the butcher we contact you to confirm delivery details.

Free delivery to your doorstep is available from Edmonton to Calgary and surrounding areas, throughout Central Alberta along the Hwy2 corridor.

If you want to pick up your order directly from our farm, use coupon code pickup10 for a 10% order discount

At this time, we don’t offer shipping throughout the rest of Alberta. We are working on expanding our delivery area, please let us know if you are interested and located in a not yet covered area of Alberta.

We accecpt both online credit cards as well as etransfer.  Our prefered payment method is etransfer.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions!  send us an email at craig@peonyfarms.com


Want to try out a smaller quantity before committing to bulk?

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Now at Healthfitters in downtown Lacombe!

Stocked with frozen individualy packaged:
beef liver, ground beef, beef sausages, beef smokies, soup bones, and tallow.

The place Miriam bought grassfed beef liver from another ranch… which kickstarted Craig’s research into the actual health benefits of grassfed and nutrient density.  Leading to where Peony’s beef is now – Regeneratively raised Forage Finished beef!

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