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Ready to nourish Your Family

with Healthy, Nutrient Dense, Regeneratively raised Beef?


all our meat is:

  • 100% forage finished
    (aka 100% grass finished )
  • humanely processed by our skilled butcher at a provincially inspected facility
  • hormone and antibiotic free
  • using Piedmontese cattle genetics producing a uniquely consistent tender beef product
  • packaged in cryovac for optimal freezer storage
  • raised with regenerative farming practises

Your order will be ready in 1-4 weeks for smaller orders and 3-8 weeks for bigger bulk orders. After you place your order we will contact you will a more exact timeline based on your specific order.
Once your order is ready we contact you to confirm pick up location and time.

Free pick up is available: right on our farm, Central Alberta (within 30min of Lacombe), Edmonton and Calgary.  Please contact us to check if we can arrange pickup at addition locations.

At this time, we don’t offer shipping throughout Alberta, please let us know if you are interested in shipping options. 

Half beef fills approximately 8-10cubic feet.  1/4 beef fills approximately 4-5cubic feet.

Our prefered payment method is etransfer, but we do accept online card payments as well. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions!  send us an email at craig@peonyfarms.com


Want to try out a smaller quantity before committing to bulk?

Visit one of our Alberta retail locations below!


Now at Healthfitters in downtown Lacombe!

Stocked with frozen individualy packaged:
beef liver, ground beef, beef sausages, beef smokies, soup bones, and tallow.

The place Miriam bought grassfed beef liver from another ranch… which kickstarted Craig’s research into the actual health benefits of grassfed and nutrient density.  Leading to where Peony’s beef is now – Regeneratively raised Forage Finished beef!

Healthfitters WEBSITE

At all Italian Centre Shops meat counters under the Messinger Meats Label

Stocked with fresh (not frozen) beef from Peony Farms.

Italian Centre Shop - Edmonton

Little Italy 10878 95 St NW

Southside 5028 104A Street

West End 17010 90th Ave

Italian Centre Website

Italian Centre Shop - Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park 700 8005 Emerald Drive 

Italian Centre Website

Italian Centre Shop - Calgary

Willow Park 9919 Fairmount Drive SE

Italian Centre Website

“Piedmontese beef has a beautiful earthy flavour like no other. When cooked properly it is tender and juicy. This is the first time I have come across this beef in North America and it was a real treat to work with it. It’s amazing to see such great product being sold locally to Albertans in the Italian Centre Shops”.

Vittorio Colacitti

Top Chef Canada finalist, talking about Peony Farms Piedmontese beef

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