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Soil, plants, animals, people and food.
We shared it all with the ~50 folks who came by for our first farm to table event.  This event happened in collaboration with Regeneration Canada as part of their ‘Stories of Regeneration’ campaign showcasing varying regenerative farms across Canada.

Soil: We shared lessons about structure, chemistry and biology.  Specifically how those 3 components work together to make healthy plants, animals and people.  As a part of this process we looked at 3 different soils on our farm.  One field that we are struggling with, one that is doing good and one that is responding really well and regenerating quickly.

Plants: We shared lessons about how plants take carbon, water and nutrients to produce food for soil microbes as well as animals and humans.  We also shared our testing practices that help us understand what our plants need to be healthy.

Animals:  We shared lessons on how animals can be used as a tool to help regenerate the soil.  We also talked about how what an animal is fed will impact how healthy that animal is and ultimately the health of the meat and milk from those animals.

People:  We shared lessons about how important diverse human relationships are to regeneration and how we have navigated the specific relational challenges on our farm.  We also got to experience the specific gifts that a number of people shared with us to make the event a success:
Alieska Robles and her team from Regeneration Canada who shared their organizational abilities to plan the event and help keep it running smoothly.
Joel Williams and Antonious Petro for sharing their experiences and educational presentations.
Jean-Marc and Obed for their filming skills, (which we’ll see at a later date…)

Marrianne Park from Eat Catering who made an amazing meal featuring our very own forage finished Piedmontese Beef Brisket alongside other fresh local foods.

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day with us.  We look forward to hosting more events in the future.

Regeneration Canada has an awesome photo gallery from the event – check it out too!

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