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Values leading to Action!

Your health is our top priority!

Do you value…

  • Your Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Knowledge about your food
  • Connection to your food source

We have these values too that is why we:

  • use a method of food production called Regenerative Agriculture.  This method of food production is being proven to improve nutrient density of the food produced as well as improve the environment in which the food is being produced.
  • produce forage finished beef.  Forage finished beef is a system of beef production where the animals are a fed a diverse blend of plants (forages) in their diet.  Research is showing that this diversity of forages increases nutrient density of the final beef product.  Diverse plants also improve soil health.
  • research and test many aspects of food production and pass the information on to you.
  • are happy to connect and answer any questions that you may have.  We’d be happy to be the farmer on your health team!

You deserve to have the power to make informed decisions about what to eat!