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I had a conversation this week where I was asked the question: “I’ve never heard of Piedmontese beef.  Why are you using that breed for your forage finished program?”

Chances are that if you have been eating grass finished beef for any length of time, you have been in a situation where you weren’t impressed with the cooking and eating experience.

Grass finished beef producers struggle to pair a quality product with a consistently amazing eating experience.

The answer to this problem has been hidden in plain sight with the Piedmontese breed and its unique meat characteristics.

What does Piedmontese beef have to offer for the eating experience?

  1. The Piedmontese breed is the only breed that has been developed around its unique tenderness gene.  This makes it consistently tender every time (unless you overcook it then no guarantees 😉).  It is also the only breed where we are able to accurately test for the tenderness gene and ensure a tender product.
  2. 25%+ faster cooking time.  Cooking meat can take a lot of time and energy.  Faster cooking helps to save time and reduce the energy required in the cooking process.  Best of all you get to eat it faster.

These characteristics make Piedmontese the perfect beef to deliver our regenerative, forage finished benefits (flavor and nutrition) as an amazing cooking and eating experience .

For the best experience, cook our Piedmontese beef using low heat to a rare or medium-rare finish.

How do we use Piedmontese to make better beef on the farm?

We have a group of Piedmontese cows that we use to raise our own Piedmontese bulls.  These cows and bulls are all tested to ensure that they have 2 copies of the Piedmontese tenderness gene.

The rest of our cows are other breeds of commercial cows (primarily angus cross).

We use our Piedmontese bulls to breed the commercial cows.  The Piedmontese bulls give the calf that is born 1 copy of the special Piedmontese gene so that those calves have the great eating characteristics that we talked about earlier.  The cows give the calf that is born the ability to finish on grass and provides some marbling to the meat.

Then we raise these calves using our regenerative, forage finishing process (check out our forage finished blog post and Regenerative blog post to learn more) to maximize the nutrition and flavor.


For more information on Piedmontese tenderness check out the North American Piedmontese Association website